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  • Yuri ELWALI

    Yuri ELWALI

    I help young entrepreneurs to transfor their mindset into real strategies.

  • Chakir Wissal

    Chakir Wissal

    Marketing director. I work hard everyday to fulfill my dreams and challenge myself.

  • Wanderer Wannabe

    Wanderer Wannabe

    Writes about travel, history, conspiracy theories, and ghost stories. Can be found in http://wandererwannabe.com

  • Jake Miller Brooks

    Jake Miller Brooks

    Data Scientist, lifelong learner, background in Housing Finance, Transportation and Infrastructure.

  • Samra


    I am passionate about covering different topics.

  • Christianlauer


    Big Data Enthusiast based in Hamburg and Kiel.

  • Deepak Sethi

    Deepak Sethi

    I am an indie author having two novels on Amazon.1) Love you forever and ever.2)It takes two hands to clap.I am on medium now and writing short stories/articles

  • Tracy Eames

    Tracy Eames

    When not launching engaging brands & building exceptional teams as President of TEAMES & CO, she can be found hiking the trails of North Carolina with her pup.

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